SRA issued development permits to builder based on bogus signatures

लेखक : उन्मेष गुजराथी

29 Mar, 2023

Unmesh Gujarathi
Sprouts Exclusive

Construction approval based on fraudulent signatures

The General Assembly’s resolution was verified by the Slum Rehabilitation Authority administration, allowing the builder to receive critical development permissions. However, the special investigation team of ‘Sprouts’ has obtained sensational information via Right to Information which suggests the signatures in the resolution were fraudulent.

The Slum Rehabilitation Authority administration verified the resolution of the General Assembly. Based on this verification, important development permissions were also given to the builder. However, the special investigation team of ‘Sprouts’ has received sensational information through Right to Information that the signatures in the resolution relied upon by them while granting these permissions were bogus.

The houses of hundreds of residents of Sion- Chunabhatti were demolished illegally. Even before the demolition of these houses, the general meeting of the society planned by these residents was held on 14 February 2021 in the premises of the society. Members of the organization and residents were present in this meeting. In this meeting, the development agreement was wrongly presented.

This created confusion in the meeting. Tired of this confusion, more than half of the members left the meeting. In that case, according to the rules, the meeting had to be adjourned. But still the committee continued the meeting. At that time, the signatures of 122 residents were taken on that resolution, showing that everyone agreed with the unfair provisions of the agreement.

Out of these 122 signatures, about 45 signatures are fake. In the signature place of these 45 names, ‘daughter-in-law’, ‘wife’, ‘son’ ‘daughter’, ‘myself’ are written. Also in some places signatures are not done, some members’ names are written twice.

292 members have been shown in this planned society. Out of this, 51 percent i.e. at least 147 members require written approval. But signatures of only 122 members have been collected. 45 of these members’ signatures were forged.

This resolution was approved on the basis of these forged signatures. The same resolution was submitted by the Proposed Committee and King’s Builders and Developers to the Slum Rehabilitation Authority administration. Based on this resolution, the SRA authority granted permits to builder Nilesh Kudalkar (King’s Builders and Developers). These permissions include important permissions such as Letter of Intent, Intimation of Approval (IOA) and Commencement Certificate.

What is the matter?
Two MHADA registered housing society houses on Hill Road at Sion-Chunabhatti (at Plot No. 373 and 295) have been standing there since 1960. But in 2014 Sion Chunabhatti Shri. Guruduttakrupa Co. Op. housing society (proposed) is an organization formed by residents who are not members. The meetings shown for it and its procedure are illegal.

Residents of both these (MHADA registered) societies had filed a stay application to stop the demolition of their houses. Hearing on this application was pending. However, Tehsildar Umesh Patil issued an order to raze hundreds of houses only for the benefit of the builder and immediately razed these houses. It is found from the documents received that this order was issued in a completely illegal manner.

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