Pune-based illegal drug manufacturer scot-free

लेखक : उन्मेष गुजराथी

30 Nov, 2022

No criminal case registered against the illegal medicine manufacturer

Unmesh Gujarathi
Sprouts Impact

Pune is home to several illicit pharmaceutical manufacturing units. These firms operate without proper licenses from state and central authorities. Further, they sell their illegally manufactured medicines throughout India. The lives of millions of patients are at risk due to such illegal drug trade.

Sprouts published a special investigation report series about one such firm, Ace Remedies, based in Pune’s Wakad area.

Maharashtra’s Food and Drug Administration took cognizance of the report. Officials issued notice to Ace Remedies, completed their investigation, and stopped the production. But surprisingly, no criminal case has been filed against the company’s owner or directors.

As per records, Ace Remedies was established on October 31, 2014, by Pawankumar Jagdishchand Goyal. The firm obtained a license as a wholesaler, supplier, and trader for medicines manufactured by selected companies. But Goyal had the desire to make quick money. His company started manufacturing and selling medicines without obtaining the necessary licenses from state and central regulatory authorities. It goes without saying that the Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs) were ignored. As a result, sales generated crores in black money.

Sprouts Special Investigative Team got hold of some crucial threads of evidence. Based on the same, we published exclusive reports on March 23 and June 16, 2022.

Puneites were bothered due to the troublesome fact that an illegal medicine manufacturing factory was being operated from the city. The Food and Drug Administration issued a notice to Ace Remedies and urged them to stop producing fake medicines after multiple letters from Sprouts.

In a written reply to Sprouts, the FDA said they seized drug samples from the unit. Some of these medicines were indeed uncertified. The agency is investigating the matter further. However, e-commerce portals like IndiaMart are still advertising and selling drugs made by Ace Remedies.

Will these portals be held accountable for selling poison? If so, when would they face any action from the FDA?

Sprouts’ special report on an illegal medicine manufacturing unit operated by Pune-based Ace Remedies proved an eye-opener.
The FDA acted after multiple letters and constant follow up from Sprouts Investigation Team.
The Food and Drug Administration has forced the company to stop manufacturing fake drugs.
The agency found several uncertified medicines in the seized samples.

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