Mysuru ‘Prayer and Peace Rally’ for Daddy Willy!

लेखक : उन्मेष गुजराथी

2 Feb, 2023

K(icked) A(ut) William’s Loot to Foot… Image Build Up

Unmesh Gujarathi
Sprouts Exclusive

With the noose from Vatican and Inquiry tightening around controversial fraud and sex Macho K.A.William, ex-Bishop of Mysuru, has started dipping into his looted Crores. Loosening his purse strings of ill-gotten wealth, his Stooges are organising a ‘Prayer and Peace Rally’ to ensure his rehabilitation and peace of mind from the onslaught of his opponents. Justice Saldhana’s notices seem to be turning on the heat and with the Association of Concerned Catholics ( AOCC ), Mumbai, Pune, Mysore, Bangalore, Baroda and Vasai units rubbing in the salt, Prayer now seems to be the last resort for the scoundrel and a ‘monk’ searching for peace in Ooty’s cool mountains.

An unregistered newspaper lookalike handout named ‘Mysore Diocese Laity Voice’ signed by 6 persons has appealed to the priests and laity ( common people ) to gather in large numbers on 5th February for the so-called Prayer and Peace Rally in Mysuru whose hidden aim seems to be – rehabilitate ‘ Dear Dad Willy ‘

Sprouts SIT has learnt from its reliable sources that this second exercise (the first one being the unsuccessful delegation led by William’s wife cum mistress Sunitha to the Administrator on behalf of her beloved Yajmanuru ( husband in English) . This was earlier reported in Sprouts which forced the higher Church hierarchy to banish Yajmanuru William out of the diocese to an Ooty Convent. William is reportedly sponsoring the entire event including the hiring of 50 to 60 buses to herd paid supporters to the site.

Sprouts SIT has also reliably learnt that each participant is being paid Rs 2000 plus all freebies like food, drinks, travel, etc. The main organisers are reported to have received Rs One lakh each and promised unlimited resources like banners, publicity material, media management, private and public transport, hotel stay, parties, drinks etc to drum support amongst the laity and others at any cost to make the ‘Willy Rally’ a grand show of his might and support in the diocese in a dual bid to impress as well as pressurise Vatican and Nuncio.

William, publicly well known to be a hardened criminal accused of kidnapping, murder, loot, and sexual exploits has used his loyal Mistress to issue a notice to Sprouts. The notice which naturally does not disclose how and why Yajmanuru William transferred a brand-new car ( Maruti Celerio worth 8 lakhs with No KA 09 M 8443. Sprouts SIT has RTO documents to prove this freebie transfer ) to Sunitha nor produces a receipt of payment by Sunitha to William for the car purchase. It fails to state what is the reason for this largesse and large-heartedness of a Bishop for an unknown lady who claims she has two children from her now-divorced husband. 

The notice also does not reveal how a divorced housewife without any job foots the 4.5 lakhs per annum fees of De Paul International Residential School where her son through Yajmanuru William studies. Now Sprouts SIT has learnt that activists are petitioning IT and ED authorities to probe these huge unaccounted expenses of a wife who admits that she is without a husband. Activists have told Sprouts SIT that the De Paul International School is also being asked to disclose the source of payment of Sunitha’s son’s huge fees as they suspect the same to be from the proceeds of the crime of Bishop William.

The 6 convenors of the rally fail to challenge any of the charges alleged against William and address such a simple issue as – Why is William shying away from a paternity test for the last 3 years if he was indeed not guilty which will shut the mouths of so-called rumor mongers? The handbill invokes the name of the Church and God as shields when the simple thing for anyone is to throw the evidence of their innocence on the face of the opponent. The convenors also conveniently ignore the audio conversation between William and Cardinal Gracias which clearly reveals Gracias offering a: safe’ paternity test route by managing doctors of St. Johns, Bangalore and the media.

Sprouts SIT dares the convenors and Sunita to produce proof of payment for the car transferred by William, what are Sunitha’s sources of income to afford the high fees of her children in the best school and college, who paid the cost for the palatial house that Sunitha stays in. Justice Saldhana had put the value of the house at 10 Crores. Even if it is assumed to be 1/10 of the cost that Saldhana claims, Sunitha must answer from where she got one crore for her palace as an unemployed divorcee.

Sprouts and its Special Investigation Team won’t be deterred by such empty threats of notices whose real author and mastermind is K.(rooked) William and will love to see Sunitha in Court explain her ill-gotten and unaccounted physical and financial assets. Sprouts SIT promises to keep a close watch on the rally and expose the real face of the convenors and its sponsors after the Rally for Willy ends.

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