Mysuru Bishop’s 5D Comic Rally… ends in Tragedy

लेखक : उन्मेष गुजराथी

8 Feb, 2023

‘Bishop’s 6 Comedians Tragedy Show’ – MDCCA Chief Stephen Sujith

Unmesh Gujarathi

The much touted one lakh protesters ‘Save Willy Rally’ though boosted by 5Ds (Drinks, Dance,Dough, Drama, Dinner) and back stage organised by K.icked A.ut William, the Controversial, Criminal accused, Sex Macho (5 Mistresses and 2-3 illegitimate children) Ex- Bishop of Mysuru failed to make any impact that he had desired despite spending nearly Rupees Five Crores of his illgotten, looted Church funds even by modest estimates as told to Sprouts SIT by insiders close to William. Only 800 to 1000 bribed protesters made the rally instead of the expected 1 lakh !

Mysuru Division Catholic Christian Association (MDCCA) President Stephan Sujit’s 9 minutes video in Kannada released after the rally said it all. Stephan and his MDCCA members who had been tried hard to be roped in by William with offer of huge bribes instead not only boycotted the rally but pooh poohed the show as an utter failure claiming that no one from the local population had participated and it was full of outsiders hired by goons of William.

The 5th Feb 23 ‘Rally for  Willy’ turned into a comedy show by 6 Comedians (M. B. Suresh, Premanand D’melo, Emily, John D’Souza, James and A Xavier) but ended in a tragedy as per Stephan who released a transcript of his Kannada video address in English whose copy is with Sprouts.

Gound reporters of Sprouts SIT saw that apart from the predominant Catholic staff, Hindu and Muslim staff alongwith students of the Diocesan Schools previously headed by William were forced to attend the rally to boost the Heads Tally.  William to prove to Vatican and Gracias that he is as good as any crooked Indian politician and that they be aware of his ‘People Power’ or face the consequences. William’s mistress Sunitha and his foster daughter were active participants and prominent faces prodding the hired crowds on behalf of him.

There were free drinks, lunch, cash packets for the asking and few participants whose prayers were answered went tizzy with the free  flowing drinks. They danced to jazzy tunes on the grounds and in buses like they had found the ‘Peace’ promised at the rally. Videos of the ‘Prayers and Peace’ dances after participants getting crazy in the buses and open ground are going viral giving William a real ‘Dizzy High’  Hope of his comeback. Karnataka Politicians have indeed trained this Catholic Bishop to the Tee except that the crowds failed to fall for his 5D baits showing his lack of practice in crowd pulling.

Justice Michael Saldhana, a reputed, retired Judge of the Bombay and Karnataka High Courts dashed off a notice to the Mysuru Police Commissioner pointing out how the Police had been mocked at by the motely crowd of few hundreds.  He questioned the foolishly spent valuable public money on the comic show with police vehicles and personnel outnumbering the participants. The high costs be recovered from the 6 Jokers and their Chief Clown was Saldhana’s missive.

Justice Saldhana also cautioned the Commissioner of a possible false cyber complaint being registered by the main organiser M. B. Suresh.  

The ex PRO of William, Suresh and his 5 co-convenors had nothing to lose but everything to gain as insiders said they made a neat Rs. 5 lakhs each with Suresh pocketing a handsome 25 lakhs as cheer leader.  

Suresh and the other 5 signed on the dotted lines becoming authors of ready made Invite drafts by a ghost writer team of 12 William aides with the main brain being Williams.

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