Mysuru Bishop K(icked) A(ut) William’s 20,000 Crore Scam!

लेखक : उन्मेष गुजराथी

21 Jan, 2023

Murder, kidnap, loot, marry, sire children… Pope’s Law – Enjoy on leave but not on duty!

 Unmesh Gujarathi

Sprouts Brand Story

 Sprouts has a copy of what can be described as a bombshell and one of the most damaging letters ever to have been sent to the top echelons of the Indian Catholic Church in its entire history.

 Justice Michael Saldhana ( Ex Bombay and Karnataka High Court Judge ) has exposed a mind-boggling 20,000 Crores swindling scandal of recently shunted out Mysuru Bishop K.A. William.

 William is alleged to have committed the murders of 4 priests, kidnapped a married lady, fathered 5 illegitimate children through multiple mistresses who were gifted money and cars, swindled Hundreds of Crores of Church funds, and was just recently caught with GST evasion of ₹ 3.5 Crores.

 The newly appointed ad-interim administrator of Mysuru Diocese – Archbishop Emeritus Bernard Moras, Vicar General of Mysuru Diocese, Delhi Nuncio, and Mumbai’s Cardinal Gracias have been warned by Saldhana of very, very serious consequences for the Church if they ignored the contents of his letter and which he wished to avoid at all costs.

 Justice Saldhana true to his straightforward image minces no words in blaming Moras as William’s abettor and cover-up when he was his immediate superior as Archbishop of Bangalore. Moras, Gracias, and the Vatican are claimed to have been given irrefutable evidence of the allegations by 37 priests, AOCC, Mumbai and Justice Saldhana during the last 4 years. However, no one acted on the serious complaints.

 Sprouts SIT is in possession of the explosive Saldhana letter which warns Moras, Vicar General and others to take immediate corrective measures to rid the controversy once for all, as it has plagued Mysuru Diocese for 4 long years causing immense damage to the reputation of the Church and hierarchy.

 The Pope’s ambassador to India – Nunicio Leopoldo Girelli and Archbishop Oswald Gracias , President of the Catholic Bishops Conference of India ( CBCI ) have also been put on notice with copies earmarked to them. Gracias is one of the six advisors to the Pope on good governance in Churches the world over.

 Justice Saldhana, once ranked amongst the top ten International Judges, has a reputation for being an expert on criminal law and a no-nonsense Judge in his heydays. Sprouts has learnt that Saldhana made nearly 40 visits to Mysore to gather evidence and investigate the allegations.

 William’s ouster despite Cardinal Gracias providing him ‘Cover in Rome is chiefly credited to the barrage of legal notices fired by Justice Saldhana to Rome and Nuncio Girelli based on his well-researched investigation which the Vatican could no more afford to ignore.

 37 priests of the Mysuru Diocese were the first to write to The Pope and other Church officials on William’s misdoings. Four priests have been alleged to be murdered by William and his goons for opposing him. William is known to nurture hoodlums and advocates as his ‘army’ to counter opponents.

 Sprouts SIT has learnt that Justice Saldhana is at the forefront of the Association of Concerned Catholics (AOCC ) led All India movement to cleanse the Indian Catholic Church hierarchy of lumpen elements like William, Rapist Bishop Franco Mullakal of Jalandhar, Pune Pocso accused Bishop Thomas Dabre and few others. 

 Till now they were considered as ‘untouchable’ because of the Godfather – Cardinal Gracias’s protection umbrella due to his ‘closeness’ to several successive Popes including Francis.

 Gracias however is himself now a Pocso co-accused in two Pune cases but is learnt to have used few reputed ex and present Catholic Police Officers to get him off the hook and which is under investigation by Sprouts SIT.

 Yet he is considered to be the Indian eyes and ears of Pope Francis who is now well known to protect the likes of Gracias, Rupnik etc for protecting his ( Pope’s) own position.

 Recently Gracias’s telephonic conversation with William which was secretly recorded by William as a blackmailing tactic made dubious headlines after William made it viral, albeit indirectly.

 Gracias is clearly heard advising William – ” You undergo the paternity test in St John’s hospital, Bangalore and we will manage the doctors and media “

 An embarrassed Gracias sheepishly and shamelessly blamed the media for editing the tape but did not deny his cover-up attempt. 

 However with the literal sacking of ‘ Wicked William Daddy’ as he is referred to by his opponents, the wall built around the Rogues gallery by ‘Godfather’ Gracias seems to have been finally breached.

 Sprouts SIT has been at the forefront of media coverage of the ‘Clean Church Campaign’ with a series of exclusive news breaks.

 Flooded with requests from its growing Catholic readers and activists in the Country and abroad, Sprouts pledges to expose the thick-skinned, corrupt, and unrepentant religious leaders like Gracias and Co.

 ” The few Catholic corrupt religious leaders in India, have gone Scott free for too long due to protection by Cardinal ‘Sinner’ Gracias and are forcing many faithful to leave the Church in sheer disgust ” claims Mumbai AOCC spokesman – Blaise Gomes in his response to Sprouts. ” He ( Gracias ) should resign forthwith before being kicked out unceremoniously the William way if he has even an iota of shame”  Gomes demanded.

 Sprouts promises its readers to continue the bold and fearless coverage in exposing these wolves in sheep’s clothing in the interest of justice for children, women, nuns, priests and laity who have been victims of these scoundrels in white robes.


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