Mysuru Apostolic Administrator’s Mass, High Tea Disappear!

लेखक : उन्मेष गुजराथी

8 Feb, 2023

More Bricks at ‘Save Daddy Willy’s Rally’ than Bouquets!


Unmesh Gujarathi

Sprouts Exclusive

K.icked A.ut Bishop William of Mysuru was a mighty heart broken soul while watching his Rally becoming Silly every passing minute on the big screen in front of him. Sobbing uncontrollably as reliable sources in his innermost circle told Sprouts SIT, Wily Willy could hardly believe the images of the New Bishop house’s empty ground which he had dreamt of being crowded with his one lakh fans and supporters. The blanked out open air mass and high tea by Archbishop Administrator – Bernard Moras as promised by William and his croonies through the handout of 3.2.23 pricked his balloon of pride no end clearly signalling that the Church had abandoned the Rally to its own doomed destiny.

The several thousand unused bricks in two to three piles in the compound outnumbered his unexpected few hundred hired ‘people/bouquets’ that could not resist the lure of Rs 2000 lucre and freebies. They made him feel like a tonne of bricks hurled at him and his 6 convenor croonies by the one lakh who had boycotted his rally designed for a grand, royale comeback.

 The ‘tremendous response’ of not less than one lakh that Wicked William was boasting of through his handout of 3rd February turning into 800 to 1000 motley group of ‘purchased and greedy’ crowd stunned him so much that the handout of 3rd Feb by his croonie group of six had to be disowned as ‘fake and fabricated’ within hours of the damp squib which was quashed in no time by William destroyer – Justice Michael Saldhana through his missile like notice.

Sprouts which had sent a pre rally questionnaire on 4th morning and a response request post rally at 7 PM on 5th Feb to 4 of the 6 convenors (Suresh, D’melo, Emily and John) went naturally unanswered and not surprisingly as there was nothing to boast but everything to rue and cry about as was their grief stricken Boss in his banished confines in Ooty.

To rub the salt and chilly into the wounds was the 9 minutes video statement released by Stephen on behalf of the Mysore Division Catholic Christian Association (MDCCA)  and statement of P Maria Francis , Executive Member plus Convenor, Association of Concerned Catholics, Mysore (AOCC) who Pilliored and joked about Poor Willy like never before in his life.

What some of the nuns interviewed by Sprouts reporters made shocking reading. An angry and fuming Nun who wanted to remain anonymous (for obvious reasons) spoke on behalf of almost all the nuns present – ” We are ashamed that Bishop William had to organise his comeback demand in this most disgusting way by disguising the rally as one for ‘Prayer and Peace’. We never were circulated the handout of 3rd Feb but only received the 1st Feb one which only contained an appeal to gather for Prayers and Peace”.

The Flaring Nun continued “Only a criminal minded person who has no value for lives (referring to charge of 4 murders of priests), has 5 concubines and 2 Illegitimate children and loots the Church in Crores to pay for their families luxuries like palaces, cars, education in International schools can day dream of nuns, priests supporting him (William) against our dear Church and it’s beloved head  –  Pope Francis”.

She further said, “The dismal and that too bribed crowd of drunkards, women of loose morals (referring to likes of William’s Mistress Sunitha’s presence) proves that Catholics of Mysuru Diocese by fully boycotting the rally stand by The Church and it’s leader. No one in proper senses will back someone who has the audacity to challenge them (Church and Pope) through his now well known blackmailing tactics. People have not forgotten his telephonic conversation with Archbishop Oswald and his bid to manage doctors, media and blackmail Cardinal Gracias. 

“He is trying the same rotten stunt of now blackmailing our Pope by trying to manage crowds through his henchmen like M. B. Prakash by bribing him and his 5 colleagues (D’melo, Emily, Xavier, John and James) with lakhs. We know that Suresh and D’melo have been kingpins in looting 6000 Mysuru citizens of 60 lakhs in the Mysuru Catholic Association scam. The icing on the cake of his blackmailing bid is the statement in the handout that Willam and Sunitha’s marriage has been blessed at the highest level of Church heirarchy and that he is looking well after Sunitha’s children.

Will our beloved Pope ever allow this unbelievable mortal sin to be pardoned under his dispensation powers as claimed by fraudsters Suresh,D’melo and his 4 other Jokers?  The nun fumed – “This revelation is a sheer blackmailing tactic meant to indirectly threaten Pope Francis to either reinstall him or face grave consequences.”  The nun pleaded that her name be kept under wraps as she feared for her life from the murderer and third rate goon that William is. 

Sprouts has been flooded with documents and information from activists and citizens from Mysuru about scamsters M. B. Suresh and Premanand D’melo duping 6000 ordinary Mysuru families. Sprouts promises them to expose this Loot gang and William’s role in the coming days.

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