Lands worth crores given to journalists as ‘gifts’

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11 Feb, 2023

Journalists also ‘managed’ to suppress their voices against the refinery in Ratnagiri.

Unmesh Gujarati
Sprouts Exclusive

There is agitation among the local people against the disastrous refinery in Ratnagiri. Don’t let this provocation explode. Therefore, the work of “managing” the media itself is going on. The Sprouts Special Investigation Team (SIT) of “Sprouts” has received sensational information that some local journalists have been directly given land as bait.

The SIT of ‘Sprouts’ has the 7/12 copy of land worth crores of rupees handed over to local journalist Manoj Lele of ‘TV9 Marathi’, Rakesh Gudekar of ‘Mumbai Aajtak’ and Amol Kalaye of ‘Saam’ by Pandharinath Amberkar.
In this 7/12 copy, it is seen that the murder accused, Amberkar himself is the owner of the land. It was Ambekar who used to gift such lands. These journalists will also get project contracts for various works. Apart from this, you will get a project certificate, job, or compensation.


A house will also be available in the smart city. Amberkar has converted most of the newspaper, TV, and social media journalists of the Ratnagiri area to his side by keeping all these advantages in front of them. As a result, another journalist like Warise was an exception to this.

Pandharinath Amberkar is a land mafia. Moreover, he is currently an office bearer of the Bharatiya Janata Party. Amberkar used to terrorize local activists and journalists who opposed the refinery. The same Amberkar killed journalist Shashikant Warise by using a heavy jeep on his body. Currently, the prime accused, Amberkar, is in custody.

Anil Nagvekar, the chief public relations officer of the refinery, is making sure that not only the local but also the major newspapers of Maharashtra do not get news about the refinery. For this, Nagvekar is doing the work of giving “gifts” to the owners and editors of some major media.

Journalists who do not beg for bait and threats accused Pandharinath Amberkar of being used to kill them even. Accused  Amberkar is considered to be Nagvekar’s, right-hand man. Therefore, Nigvekar must also be thoroughly investigated in the case of Warise’s murder.

Lands received as a gift by journalists in the name of relatives

Out of fear In the documents that came into the hands of ‘Sprouts’, it is revealed that Amberkar had given lands to the above journalists. However, it has been seen that some journalists have taken land in the names of their relatives instead of in their own name. Since the announcement of the Nanar project, Amberkar has been exposed as a land mafia. He has illegally sold lands to people in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Delhi as ‘local farmers’, a thorough investigation should be conducted, but the investigation is more likely to be ‘managed’.

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